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Bill Hoopes, Hoopesdreams Studio

Many of Bill Hoopes´ paintings reflect his own perspective on the family and parenthood in the midst of current social events and the earth's precarious ecological and political situation. Some of his works depict the peaceful co-existence which can occur between humans and nature, while others emphasize the more imminent consequences of failure to recognize our contribution to environmental and social imbalance. Still other paintings directly examine how the union between humankind and nature is influenced by the social and political issues of our times. Hoopes uses his art to carry a social message. Hoopes suggests that as we examine our role as both users and guardians of this planet, we can begin to accept our responsibility for maintaining and preserving our environment.

Bill Hoopes was born in 1951 in Bad Wildungen, West Germany, and grew up in both the United States and Europe. He emigrated to Canada in 1981, and currently lives and works on Bowen Island, just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hoopes' formal training in Fine Arts includes an Associate of Fine Arts degree from Parkland Junior College in Champaign, Illinois (1974-1976), a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois (1976- 1979), graduate studies in Fine Arts at both the University of Wisconsin (1979-1980) and Illinois State University in Bloomington, Illinois (1980-1981). Since that time, Hoopes has worked as a professional artist in Canada.

Hoopes has also served as an art instructor for over 20 years. He was a sessional instructor in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, expanding his knowledge of anatomy and drawing. Hoopes has taught and continues to teach art on an ongoing basis to students at all levels, including school-age children (Bowen Island Community School), teens (Island Pacific School, Bowen Island, BC), adults and seniors (Bowen Island Continuing Education, Kitchner Adult Education Centre).

Hoopes has participated in numerous solo exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, as well as numerous juried exhibitions and group shows. Hoopes' paintings have been displayed in public as well as commercial galleries, with one of his pieces included in the collection of the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery in Kitchener, Ontario. His paintings have also been used as illustrations in various publications, including the "Canadian Children's Annual" and 'Alternatives: Perspectives on Society, Technology and Environment".

Hoopes paints primarily in oils, although he has many watercolour pieces as well. Much of his work over the last ten years has portrayed the delicate balance that exists between humanity and the environment. To this end, Hoopes attempts to have his paintings operate on both an artistic and political level. He uses a classical approach to image-making, Influenced by the works of the old Masters, to draw the viewers' attention to contemporary concerns. Emphasis is placed on on the creation of images which enhance the audiences.


Paintings © 2008 Bill Hoopes, Hoopesdreams Studio

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